Hate Smile - The Greatest Story Never Told by Neal Studzinski

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Book List, one of which includes Hate/Smile - The Greatest Story Never Told. It's the untold story of Eminem's early group Soul Intent and Bassmint Productions. You don't have to be a big Eminem fan to enjoy this book though.

It is one of the best books released this year and it should be on your book list. Just read the reviews on Amazon or on this site's homepage. Neal's lived a crazy life and he tells all of his darkest secrets and moments in his life like a champ.

Neal Studzinski is a multi-talented creative mind who has shown his prowess as not only a marketing professional, entrepreneur, and front-end developer, but also as a writer.

A business graduate from Baker College of Clinton Township, MI, Studzinski went to high school on 8 Mile. He also hung out with Eminem and his roommates.

Robert Claus (Chedda' Bob), Mike (Manix) & Matt (Butterfingers) Ruby, and the late James Deel (Chaos Kid).

Neal learned to walk the walk at a young age hanging out with those guys. He already knew how to talk the talk. He watched the formation and conclusion of the groups' Soul Intent and Bassmint Productions with Eminem.

Although quite successful careerwise, Studzinski's personal life has not been fulfilling enough. He had to witness some disruptive life events which left a lasting impact on him –very much enough to bring out a writer in him.

There was a lot of book list out there, but the fact is that you should just check out this book anyways. Hate/Smile deserves a spot on your bookshelf. You'll be thanking us later.

In his debut book in the Hate/Smile Book Series, he tells us The Greatest Story Never Told - whether you're an Eminem fan or not.