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Book recommendations are one of the most sought-after internet search terms for readers looking for unbiased opinions on books to read.  The book Hate/Smile - The Greatest Story Never Told is filled with everything that makes a nonfiction book great!

The book tells the story of Neal Studzinski who grew up in Detroit and went to high school on the infamous 8 Mile Street.  He happened to hang out with Eminem and his roommates before Eminem became an international sensation.  Mike Manix Ruby, Matt Butterfingers Ruby, James Deel Chaos Kid were all friends and roommates of Eminem's, and Neal shares what it was like hanging out with those guys in the mid to late '90s.

It's more than just a book about growing up in Detroit and hanging out with Eminem though.  Neal also describes his bouts with mania and his bipolar disorder. He's got himself into some crazy situations and would make a great read for anybody.

I've lived a crazy life so far and I've read some great books along the way. I'd give book recommendations to anyone looking for them. I'd start with my book though and then I'll turn you on to other great books.


Book recommendations equal Hate/Smile - The Greatest Story Never Told.