Books on Eminem are easy to find.  This one has a twist though. Neal Studzinski is a multi-talented creative mind who has shown his prowess as a marketing professional, entrepreneur, front-end developer, and writer. A business graduate from Baker College of Clinton Township, MI, Studzinski went to high school on 8 Mile Road and hung out with Eminem and his roommates: Robert Claus (Chedda' Bob), Mike (Manix) & Matt (Butterfingers) Ruby, and the late James Deel (Chaos Kid). He learned to walk the walk at a young age hanging out with those guys.

Books on Eminem

Neal was just a teenager when he was hanging out with the older Eminem and his friends. There are no other books on Eminem that share intimate knowledge on the crew.  Neal watched the formation and destruction of the groups' Soul Intent and Bassmint Productions. He already knew how to talk the talk. If you're a true Eminem fan this book deserves a space on your bookshelf.  Even if you're not a huge Eminem fan, the book is definitely worth the read.  Neal shares his crazy life story filled with debauchery and is the first in a series to come.  See Hate/Smile - The Greatest Story Never Told on Amazon.

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