Hate Smile - The Greatest Story Never Told by Neal Studzinski

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Eminem books are not difficult to find.  It seems as though they all regurgitate the same old information.  Not the Book Hate/Smile - The Greatest Story Never Told by Neal Studzinski though.  Neal has first-hand knowledge of what it was like to hang out with Eminem and his roommates before Eminem became iconic.

Eminem books are all outdated anyways. Have you ever read Anthony Bozza's book on Eminem (Whatever You Say I Am)?  That was like 20 years ago!  My book is fresh because my memories are fresh and so are those of my friends that were there too!  I'm creating a series of books called HateSmile. It rhymes with 8 Mile. Get it?

Neal has first-hand knowledge and has already read many books on Eminem.  He watched the group Soul Intent and Bassmint Productions evolve into the megastar Eminem today.   Neal would go to their houses on Wayburn and Novara and listen to them rap and create music. That's what my friends and I did after school. We would smoke down with Eminem and his roommates. Mostly his roommates though, because Marsh was working on carving out his place in history.

Neal grew up on the East Side of Detroit and lived a short distance from both Eminem's Wayburn house and Novara house. The Story...

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