James Deel Chaos Kid

James Deel Chaos Kid

James Deel Chaos Kid started writing poetry in 7th grade and always wanted to be involved in doing music. He grew up listening to rock and pop music. When he discovered Prince in 4th grade it changed his life. He knew that he wanted to be involved in doing music on some level.

Prince was always his favorite all-time artist even through his years of doing strictly hip-hop and always a huge inspiration and influence. He first became aware of hip-hop music in 5th grade with groups such as 'Run-D.M.C.', 'Whodini', 'L.L. Cool J', 'U.T.F.O.' and 'The Boogie Boys'. 'The Beastie Boys' soon followed.

So starting with these bands he began to drift more and more away from listening to rock and pop music into the exciting, new realm of this musical phenomenon: 'hip-hop'.

James Deel Chaos Kid in High School

By the time he hit 8th grade, he began to realize that he could become involved in music by rapping. He began to realize the connection between hip-hop lyrics and poetry. 'Yes! Rap is just rhythmic poetry!', he said to himself and thus began his songwriting journey.

By this time, hip-hop was taking off like wildfire with the release of some of his favorite artists of the time, 'Ice-T', 'Eric B. and Rakim', 'Public Enemy' and 'Boogie Down Productions' to name a few of the greats, so there was no lack of inspiration to draw from.

His new passion for hip-hop caused his grades to suffer and he was forced to relocate from his Mom's house in Mt. Clemens to his Dad's house in Center Line, MI. in 1988 with hopes that this would make him focus more on schoolwork.

Met Mike Manix Ruby

However, he soon found musical friends and compadres to work with Mike (Manix) Ruby who began producing tracks for him to write and record his raps to along with his twin brother Matt (DJ Buttafingaz) Ruby who was quickly perfecting his skills as a scratch-master on the wheels of steel.

Matt and Marshall (M&M) Mathers became friends during this same time period and it wasn't long before Manix was making the music for both M&M (Eminem) and James Deel Chaos Kid.

Bassmint Productions

They performed as one crew under the title of 'Bassmint Productions' from 1988-1992 and even did a few shows together as late as 1994.

Every year they would do the talent shows at Chaos Kid's high-school 'Center Line' as 'Bassmint Productions'. M&M and Chaos Kid did a few songs together though most of their material was written separately.

For a brief time period, they were working as one group called 'Soul Intent' and released a demo tape with both of their songs on it under that name.

The first four songs on this playlist were released as a solo demo tape Chaos Kid's senior year of high school. The demo EP was called 'If Only I Could Turn Off The Sun, I Would Show You A Brighter Day'.

A couple of years after high school, Chaos Kid began to tire of being limited to just rapping as a form of vocal expression. Bands like 'Arrested Development', 'Rage Against The Machine', and 'Nirvana' began to inspire him to practice singing.

In 1995, at the age of 21 and no longer a 'kid', he changed his rap name from 'Chaos Kid' to 'Snafu' and began writing songs that incorporated both singing and rapping sections under the band name 'The Some of Wizdum'.

'The Some of Wizdum' never came to full fruition as a band but some of their demos from that era can be heard on their page and can be accessed below.

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