Hate Smile - The Greatest Story Never Told by Neal Studzinski

Nonfictions Books 2021

Nonfiction Books 2021 have made a major comeback in 2021 with the search term soaring.  Maybe it's due to the pandemic. Maybe not.  But there has been an influx of nonfiction books 2021.

It seems everybody has written a book about themselves or another work of nonfiction. I guess everybody had a lot of time on their hands. Maybe they were able to scratch 'write a nonfiction book' off of their bucket list.

The book Hate/Smile - The Greatest Story Never Told should definitely be on the list of nonfiction books 2021. It helps if you are an Eminem fan, but you don't have to be.

Neal Studzinski, the author of Hate/Smile has lived a wild and crazy life and he's shared a glimpse into it in his debut book.  He has plans to make a series of the book with the collective recollections of his friends and his.  Neal spent his days after high school hanging out with Eminem and his roommates and he witnessed firsthand the group Soul Intent and Bassmint Productions and their breakup and subsequent falling out.

Neal Studzinski is a multi-talented creative mind who has shown his prowess as a marketing professional, entrepreneur, front-end developer, and writer.

A business graduate from Baker College of Clinton Township, MI, Studzinski went to high school on 8 Mile and hung out with Eminem and his roommates.

Robert Claus (Chedda' Bob), Mike (Manix) & Matt (Butterfingers) Ruby, and the late James Deel (Chaos Kid). He learned to walk the walk at a young age hanging out with those guys.

Neal watched the formation of the groups' Soul Intent and Bassmint Productions. He already knew how to talk the talk.

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