Breaking The Barrier- Life of an unplanned child

One-third of all children born in the United States are the result of unintended pregnancies, and not only do these children receive less attention and warmth from their parents than children whose births were planned, so do their older siblings, a new study shows.

These days, many women tend to opt for a birth control implant or IUD to prevent pregnancy for whatever reason. However, little does such a woman know while getting that “T” placed into her uterus that there may be a likelihood that her partner’s sperm may still manage to make its way to the “no-entry zone”-breaking all the barriers and letting yet another soul breathe inside the womb.

Those two lines on a pregnancy test strip are enough to create a feeling of shock and crisis amongst the “unexpecting” moms-to-be. Not every such woman can handle and cope with this uncalled-for crisis and a massive game-changer? What if she doesn’t embrace the new situation? Besides how it may affect her, it can have a long-lasting negative impact on the child’s personality. Time doesn’t heal everything. Some emotions are deep-rooted. Knowing that you were an “accident” is enough to feel as unwanted. It tends to generate a sense of insecurity in them. They lack self-confidence and self-esteem and prefer to stay aloof.

Sometimes, you are left with no choice but to make lemonade because it’s just the lemons life has got to offer you. Keeping aside all the negativities associated with being an unwanted child, one should realize that there is nothing more fulfilling than to know that it was none other than the higher power himself who favored you and enabled you to see the light of the day. You get life only once. Hence, nothing should be allowed to stop you from making the most out of the life you have been blessed with. Feel pride in being a game-changer and set yourself to keep breaking the barriers while carrying on with your journey to self-actualization and accomplishing life goals. If you can beat the odds of coming into this world, you can surely beat anything that comes into your way to a happy, fulfilling life.

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Breaking The Barrier- Life of an unplanned child

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